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Yoga Poses before Bedtime

I love sleep! On days when I feel that my energy level is high, or if I’m feeling anxious or stiff, this is my go-to sequence before bed. The amazing thing about this sequence is that you can do it in your bedroom and in bed (pose 4 onwards)! You can easily replace the block with a wall (for pose 2) or a pillow (for pose 8). No mat or fancy yoga clothes required.

The sequence releases tension in the spine and hips, allowing the energy to flow throughout the body a little easier, reducing tension. Try to keep the eyes closed throughout. Take smooth long breathes, focusing on lengthening the exhalations. Make sure the jaw is unclenched, the tongue is relaxed towards the back of the throat, the eyelids and eyebrows are soft, and the skin on the forehead is light.

Try to keep the focus on the breath - feel the cool air brush through your nostrils with inhalations, and the warm air against the nostril with exhalations. Try to follow the flow of the breath like a wave... If the mind wanders, without judgement or frustrations, just bring the awareness back to the breath.I like staying in each pose for about 15 to 20 breaths minimum. You can stay longer. And make sure to work both sides equally, where applicable (poses 2, 3, 6 and 8)

Sleep well!

miss sunitha